Most operators perform some sort of basic network benchmarking and competitor analysis. Typically this covers the major roads and highways. For most wireless carriers these areas were the coverage focus of the first network buildouts. As customer expectations have grown, the requirement now is to know the complete coverage situation of the entire network. Having insight to where you or competitor is weak allows for the strategy to get ahead and catch up as needed to differentiate the network experience.

With Manager’s real-time graphs, administrators get:
  • Simultaneous Multi-Carrier/Multi-Technology Network Scan & UE Tests
  • Outdoor and Indoor benchmarking available
  • Detailed Bin coverage analysis for competitive level (in-building, in-vehicle, on-street)
  • Zip Code summary analysis for marketing, sales, and strategy focus
  • MapInfo table for additional engineering and sales utilization
  • Base data for improved site build, small cell deployment areas, competitor site locations, and network standing
  • and many more…