RF Optimization is one of the key challenges in any Cellular Network. Optimization is a continuous process and helps in understanding the shortcomings in the Network. These shortcomings in terms of coverage, QoS can be set right with appropriate measures. Optimization helps in spectral efficiency. Optimization will be continuous and iterative process of improving over all network quality. Area of interest is divided in smaller are as called clusters to make optimization and follow up processes easier to handle.\r\n


RF Optimization includes:

  • Simultaneous Multi-Carrier/Multi-Technology Network Scan & UE Tests
  • Outdoor and Indoor benchmarking available
  • Detailed Bin coverage analysis for competitive level (in-building, in-vehicle, on-street)
  • Zip Code summary analysis for marketing, sales, and strategy focus
  • MapInfo table for additional engineering and sales utilization
  • Base data for improved site build, small cell deployment areas, competitor site locations, and network standing
  • and many more…